Photos: The Whiskey Glass Challenge

August 13, 2015
Back Label Wines (New York, NY)
Photos By: Ellie Tam

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The Whiskey Glass Challenge


3 Different Whiskeys meet 3 Different Glasses

Sometimes, it’s not only what’s in the glass that matters. But what about the glass itself?

Traditionally the tumbler has been seen as the vessel of choice for the majority of whiskey drinkers and the ‘whiskey snifter’ relegated to the small group of true whiskey tasters. Denver & Liely have now combined these worlds.

According to them, “The hand-blown shape of the D&L Whiskey Glass combines the benefits of taste and smell associated with a traditional whiskey snifter with the versatility and style of a classic tumbler [and] the wide base maximizes the surface area of a standard measure, funneling the aromas through the tapered body to the optimally sized opening.”

But we’re not just going to take their word for it.

Back Label Wines will be hosting a “Whiskey Glass Challenge,” presented by, Whiskey Roundtable, and sponsored by Virgil Kaine Whiskey, in which 3 different styles of glasses will face it off with 3 different whiskeys each. And you get to be the judge. Will you still prefer that old set of tumblers you got in college? Discover you actually prefer a wine glass? Or maybe D&L is right, and you will have finally found the perfect whiskey glass.

There is a maximum of 20 seats available, so get your tickets now!

Call today to sign up and reserve your spot!
(212) 229-WINE (9463)

Tickets are $40. (Full ticket price includes a $20 voucher to anything in the store!) Get yours now!

Light snacks will be served.

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Photos: Drink Like a Horse


January 25, 2015
The Grain @ Barn Joo (New York, NY)

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Drink Like a Horse

According to the Chinese Zodiac, people born in the incoming Year of the Goat are mild mannered, shy, and are happiest when just staying in for the night. However, people born in the Year of the Horse are active and energetic and don’t mind a crowd — parties, theaters, sporting events, and of course, whiskey tastings! So help us send these wild horses out in a way they’ll enjoy: with snacks and spirits.


On Sunday, January 25th, 2015, The Whiskey Roundtable’s DRINK LIKE A HORSE will serve up six unique whiskies — three from Japan’s famed Nikka Distillery and three from Taiwan’s rising star, Kavalan Distillery — and tasty Korean soul food from The Grain.

As for the Year of the Goat — you will appreciate that quiet time the next day.

Ticket price includes:

Tasting of 6 whiskies.

Japchae: Korean sweet potato noodles
Mandoo: Korean dumplings
Popcorn Chicken, sweet & spicy glaze
Crispy Calamari

Braised Beef Short Ribs, soy garlic marinated
Grilled Shrimp, chili marinated
Spicy Pork Pot, Korean chili pepper paste marinated pork butt
Tiger Roll: tune, salmon, avocado, crab, chili mayo, eel sauce

House made pickles

Seasonal desserts

*Vegetarian option available.

Tax and Gratuity included.

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Photos: Odd Bedfellows: Non-‘traditional’ Whisk(e)y

May 19, 2013
Tooker Alley (Brooklyn, NY)
Photos By: Clay Washington

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Odd Bedfellows: Non-‘traditional’ Whisk(e)y

Vanilla…caramel…peat. When you’ve been to enough whiskey tastings, the unifying characteristics of most whiskies become obvious to you, if also beloved and welcome. But every now and again, you start to wonder “what if?” Or “what else?” What else can whiskey do? What if whiskey distillers tried something a little bit…odd? What if whiskey drinkers wanted to wander just a little bit further into the left field of what whiskey can do and, perhaps more to the point, how it can taste.

“Odd Bedfellows” is an exploration and celebration of the whiskies and distillers who have pushed the boundaries of what we think of as whiskey. Whether it’s experimenting with different grains, different types of stills, or different barrels, the past several years have seen an explosion in the number of distillers who are tweaking tradition and creating new, exciting expressions of our favorite spirit.

Mad Science? Perhaps. Innovation? Most definitely. Delicious? We sure as heck think so. Join Keith Allison of Teleport City as he picks the minds of Robin Robinson of Compass Box, Allison Patel of Brenne, and Darek Bell of Corsair Artisan!

Purchase Tickets Here.

Ticket price includes:

  • A tasting of each whiskey.
  • One cocktail.
  • A sampling of food from Tooker Alley‘s Bill of Fare.
  • Exclusive Brenne Whisky Pudding from Puddin’ by Clio.
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    Photos: Whiskey Dim Sum A Go-Go

    September 11, 2012
    Red Egg (New York, NY)
    Photos By: Keith Allison

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    Whiskey Dim Sum A Go-Go

    Here at the Whiskey Roundtable, we thought pairing whiskey with BBQ or Steaks is so common that your taste buds needed a break. Bring your buds to Red Egg to try some dim sum with tasty libations from West Virginia distillery Smooth Ambler. You’ll wonder why you’ve never done this before!

    Click here to be redirected to ScoutMob for tickets.

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    Photos: Smoke in the Water

    June 2, 2012
    Idle Hands Bar (New York, NY)
    Photos By: Keith Allison & Ellie Tam

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    Smoke in the Water

    When talking about whiskey, people often refer to the “smokiness” of the whiskey — being reminded of campfires or how whiskey pairs so well with cigars. But when is a whiskey smoky, and when are we confusing smoke with some other flavor such as peat? To smoke out this topic, we’ve brought in Amanda Schuster, Carmen Operetta Carroll, and Karl duHoffmann. The event will be held at Idle Hands Bar, 25 Avenue B, Downstairs, New York, NY 10009 on Saturday, June 2nd from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. Tickets are available through ScoutMob.

    Amanda still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but she hopes she can continue getting paid to drink good whisky no matter what happens. She is a writer, consultant and marketer with several years under her belt in the wine and spirits industry. Though whisky is her favorite, she considers herself bi-spiritual and knows what to put in a wine glass too.

    Carmen is an African American woman — one of the few working professionally in the industry — on a mission to understand the ins and outs of Scotch whisky, has studied at twenty-seven distilleries. She has cut peat; worked the malting floors, the mill, and the kiln; cleaned the mash tuns; and distilled, barreled, and bottled whisky. If that wasn’t enough, she is creating her own blend of Scottish whisky and importing it to the USA!

    Karl brings 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry to bear when speaking on distilled beverages. A passionate advocate for the diversity to be found amongst the great spirits of the world, Karl is a dynamic educator who challenges received wisdom and brings a fun informative presence to the room.

    Click here to be redirected to ScoutMob for tickets.

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