Odd Bedfellows: Non-‘traditional’ Whisk(e)y

Vanilla…caramel…peat. When you’ve been to enough whiskey tastings, the unifying characteristics of most whiskies become obvious to you, if also beloved and welcome. But every now and again, you start to wonder “what if?” Or “what else?” What else can whiskey do? What if whiskey distillers tried something a little bit…odd? What if whiskey drinkers wanted to wander just a little bit further into the left field of what whiskey can do and, perhaps more to the point, how it can taste.

“Odd Bedfellows” is an exploration and celebration of the whiskies and distillers who have pushed the boundaries of what we think of as whiskey. Whether it’s experimenting with different grains, different types of stills, or different barrels, the past several years have seen an explosion in the number of distillers who are tweaking tradition and creating new, exciting expressions of our favorite spirit.

Mad Science? Perhaps. Innovation? Most definitely. Delicious? We sure as heck think so. Join Keith Allison of Teleport City as he picks the minds of Robin Robinson of Compass Box, Allison Patel of Brenne, and Darek Bell of Corsair Artisan!

Purchase Tickets Here.

Ticket price includes:

  • A tasting of each whiskey.
  • One cocktail.
  • A sampling of food from Tooker Alley‘s Bill of Fare.
  • Exclusive Brenne Whisky Pudding from Puddin’ by Clio.
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